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Novice privacy statement

Novice Oy collects personal data on the users of its website. When collecting personal data, the requirements of data protection legislation are adhered to. Novice Oy may update its privacy policy from time to time. The up-to-date version is available on this page.

Novice Oy
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Purpose of collecting and use of personal data

Personal data are collected, stored and processed only for purposes specified in advance.

For service provision and delivery and for customer management
Novice Oy collects, uses and stores customer data for matters pertaining to customer management. These include, for example, invoicing, complaints, customer support, customer satisfaction surveys, debt recovery and service production and provision.

For marketing and communication
Novice Oy also collects personal data for marketing and communication purposes to the extent allowed by data protection legislation. To this end, personal data may be processed for targeting marketing and communication and for measuring their impact and developing them.

Novice Oy may, for example, target content or develop its services based on the person’s earlier behaviour. Novice Oy may also carry out other direct marketing to the person in question based on the person’s content or Novice Oy’s legitimate interest.

For fulfilling other obligations
Novice Oy also collects and processes your personal data for official purposes, which include accounting and other statutory obligations.

For human resources administration
Novice Oy processes employee and employee applicant data only for the purposes of human resources administration.

Services and applications provided and relayed by a third party, available on Novice Oy’s website, are subject to the terms of use and other terms of that third party.

Where does Novice Oy collect personal data from?

As a general rule, personal data originate from the person themselves. Information is generally collected in connection with communication. Personal data are collected also when the person makes contact via the website or downloads material from it. Novice Oy may also utilise public sources for collecting personal data, such as the websites of companies, various registers (such as YTJ and the Patent and Registration Office) and social media.

What data does Novice Oy collect and process?

There is always a legal basis for processing the data.
Novice Oy collects the data of its customers, potential customers, job applicants and employees.
Novice Oy collects and processes the following data: the name of the person’s employer, name of contact persons, work address, e-mail address, telephone number, job title, marketing permissions and bans, customer feedback data and any information provided by the person when making contact via the contact form, by telephone or by e-mail. In addition, Novice Oy processes and collects invoicing data, subscription data, delivery data and other contractual data.
Novice Oy further collects and processes information on the use of its online services with the help of cookies.
From the employees and job applicants, Novice Oy collects the basic data and data related to salary payment and data needed for fulfilling statutory obligations. In addition, Novice Oy may also collect resumes and job applications.
With the consent of the person, Novice Oy may also collect other data, but this will be communicated separately whenever such data are collected.

Processors personal data

As a general rule, personal data are processed by Novice Oy’s employees. In certain cases, personal data may be disclosed to the subcontractors of third parties. The subcontractors process personal data on the basis of a bilateral agreement between Novice Oy and the subcontractor. The subcontractors process the data in accordance with this privacy statement.
Location of the personal data
As a general rule, the personal data are located and processed within the EU. In certain cases, personal data will, however, be transferred to and processed outside of the EU. These cases may include, for example, the use of certain cloud services or other applications. In such cases, Novice Oy will, however, arrange for the appropriate level of protection of personal data and its lawfulness.

Storage of personal data

As a general rule, personal data are stored electronically, and access to them is protected in accordance with general practices. For example, access to personal data is protected by means of access rights and passwords.
The personal data are stored only for as long as lawful and necessary for the purposes described in this privacy statement. After this, the data are deleted unless the legislation or the rights or obligations of either party require that the data be stored further. With respect to the retention periods of personal data, we apply these general rules:

  • Personal data pertaining to customers, partners and other interest groups will be retained during the period of the customer relationship or collaboration and thereafter for as long as necessary or required by the legislation or the rights or obligations of either party, for example to finish invoicing or process an incomplete complaint.
  • Data collected in connection with customer service, other interaction with Novice Oy and surveys and contests will be stored for as long as necessary for handling the matter in question.
  • The personal data of job applicants who have not been selected will be deleted with respect to individual recruitments if the rights or obligations of neither party require that the data be stored.
  • We delete or anonymise data used for marketing purposes after a reasonable time since the most recent time of contact between the data subject and Novice Oy, unless the legislation or the rights or obligations of either party require that the data be stored.
  • If the storage of personal data is controlled by an act or decree or specific official instructions regarding the processing or retention period of personal data, we will retain the personal data at least for that period of time.

Collection of cookies

A cookie is a file saved by the service provider’s web server to the user’s computer. In practice, a cookie is a small, anonymous, user-specific text file that is stored in the user’s web browser. The server may later read the cookie and thereby identify the browser in question (e.g., when the user returns to a site previously visited). For example, the Google Analytics software used by Novice Oy collects cookie data.
Cookies make it easier to use websites and enable certain functionalities, such as remembering sessions, user-specific site customisation and easy identification.
Novice Oy uses cookies to enable functionalities in its services and to develop them. With the help of cookies, Novice Oy can also collect information on the terminal devices and web browsers used by visitors of its site. The collected information may be used for analytics and targeting marketing. Cookies make it easier for users to use services, and the marketing presented is more appropriate and more targeted.
Of course, you can also prevent the use of cookies. This may, however, have adverse effects, as cookies are a technical solution in the implementation of the interoperability of browsers and web servers, and many websites will not work properly without cookies. More information on browser-specific instructions are available from the browser manufacturer’s instructions.
At your discretion, you can delete cookie history in the web browser’s settings or prevent them from being collected altogether.
By using Novice Oy’s website, you provide your consent to data processing as described above.

The person’s rights to personal data

The person has the right to review the data that Novice Oy has collected regarding the person.
The person has the right to demand the correction of the data.
The person has the right to demand the deletion of the data.
The person has the right to prohibit/revoke consent to direct marketing.
The person has the right to object to the processing of the data.
The person has the right to restrict the processing of the data.
The person has the right to transfer information from one system to another.
You can exercise your rights by, for example, sending an e-mail to Novice Oy at
Before fulfilling your rights, Novice Oy must, however, verify your identity.