Responsible procurement

You can apply same rules to procurement as you do to personal relationships; the better you understand the other party, the more successful the cooperation will be.

We help you procure profitably

In good times we procure and invest a lot, so it is important to make sure that the process and the outcome are responsible, sustainable and profitable. When we face challenging times, it is even more important to concentrate on these points. Novice’s service promise is to raise municipal decision makers’, politicians’ and companies’ procurement skills to a level at which the economy and society benefit.

“It’s been great to see how trust can be established between discussion partners, even in challenging situations.”

We follow the process

It is no longer enough to think about the criteria, throw them at the world and wait for good offers to come. Instead, Novice encourages all procurement units to follow a step-by-step signposted path: anticipate, plan, communicate, implement and put out to tender, monitor and evaluate. The procurement process is a multifaceted , where we can travel with you as a guide or implementer for the length of journey you want.

We strengthen the dialogue

Successful procurement is always based on the principles of equality, transparency, non-discrimination and proportionality, as well as good background research and open communication. The better cooperation you want to maintain, the more you need to communicate with the other party. Novice is involved in the discussions as a neutral mediator.

Our services in procurement processes:

  • Market surveys
  • Dialogue with suppliers and experts, requests for information
  • Support in negotiations
  • Preparation of calls for tenders
  • Receiving and comparison of tenders
  • Selection and contacting of the tenderer or tenderers
  • Putting together the procurement decision
  • Monitoring during the contract period of the contracted entity, the service provider and the potential end-user
  • Maintaining subcontracting relationships
  • Lectures and trainings on the subject of public procurement