Improve your processes

Even if individual actions don’t succeed. The process remains. There is a ready framework for a new beginning.

For Novice, processes are the starting point for our operations, which includes a lot of concrete actions. It is in Novice’s soul to move things forward systematically, because when you can trust the process, you have time to see and create many things along the way. As process experts, we help companies and organizations find the best formula for themselves to work and succeed in their own operations.

The more demanding the work, the more important it is to make the project flow in good order.

Models from the emergency services

The more demanding the work, the more important it is to make the project flow in good order. The process just needs to be sound if you want to succeed in bidding, making progress in procurement, obtaining funding, or developing ERP systems, practices or corporate culture. Processes need to be functional for the right people in the organization to do the right things.

Even if everything else fails, the processes, practices and operating culture remain. An example of this is the emergency services, who, even in the midst of a crisis, are able to work together effectively all over the world, even without a common language – thanks, of course, to a coherent and well-designed process.

Responsibility and networks

The world is full of processes, ERP systems and practices. We will help you find the best of them. Our extensive partner and co-operation network in Finland and around the world enables you to get the right support. Novice itself operates in accordance with UN principles, World Trade Organization regulations, EU directives, the ESPD form and the basic principles of procurement law.

 Our services to develop processes:

  • Assessing operating methods, operational control and management and company culture
  • Setting up and launching appropriate processes
  • Supporting the implementation of a new process
  • Monitoring and evaluation