Our services

Novice Oy supports organizations and companies in public tenders, procurement, funding applications and operational development. The force behind all of our services is carefully constructed process that paves the way for planned engagement, open dialogue, and new creative ideas.

We help you procure profitably

“You can apply same rules to procurement as you do to personal relationships; the better you understand the other party, the more successful the cooperation will be.”

Responsible procurement

We help you succeed in the tendering process

”Onnistunut tarjous perustuu aina hyvään taustatutkimukseen, tarkkaan suunnitteluun ja avoimeen kommunikointiin.”

Submitting successful tenders

We help you create something new

“When the right professionals start something together at the right time, big things can happen.”

Create new business

We help to improve processes

“Even if individual actions don’t succeed. The process remains. There is a ready framework for a new beginning.”

Improve your processes