Who is Antti Savola?


I am a snowboarding engineer who has travelled around the world, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and public procurement expert. Novice is a partner for making companies, organisations and communities excited about working better as individuals, together and with others. Novice’s passion is to make things understandable whether it’s a question of a personal development path, objective-based growth strategy or public procurement.

In the last ten years my career and life have brought me via university and international manufacturing industry and a business development agency to a journey around the world. AND NOW the journey continues in my own limited company. I have extensive knowledge of international business, finding new customers, negotiations, maintaining good relationships with subcontractors and suppliers as well as tendering. “Even if you don’t win, or get what you want or need, the desire to succeed, determination, compassion, forgiveness, asking for help and a smile are never going to be obstacles in your life,” Antti, Novice.

An inspiring initiator of conversation